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Bio-Identical Hormones

The phrase “bioidentical hormones” refers to hormones that have an identical molecular structure to those produced naturally in the body.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is sometimes also referred to as "natural hormone therapy.” But this can be misleading or confusing because natural and bioidentical do not have the same definition.  Simply, hormones can be natural without being bioidentical; to qualify as natural a product simply must be produced from an animal, plant or mineral source.

For example, the drug Premarin is commonly used in hormone replacement therapy for women.  Derived from the urine of pregnant mares, this drug is certainly natural. But it is not bioidentical to human hormones. Similarly, Cenestin, another drug used in hormone replacement therapy, is a plant-based product. Cenestin is natural, but not bioidentical to the human hormones it is meant to replace.

Ecoterra Holistic Pharmacy, however, offers bioidentical hormones.  Instead of conjugated estrogen, for example, customers may be prescribed Bi-Est or Tri-Est, which are bioidentical to the kinds of estrogen found naturally in the human body.


How to Get Compounded Preparations at Ecoterra

New Prescriptions
Compounded preparations usually require a prescription from a doctor or other licensed healthcare professional.  With a phone call, fax or form from your physician, our pharmacist can get to work on your prescription right away.

If your physician issued the prescription with refills, a phone call to Ecoterra is all that’s required to get custom compounded preparations filled quickly.

Transfer Prescriptions
If your prescription is currently being filled through another pharmacy and you would like to use Ecoterra Holistic Pharmacy in the future, simply call us at 909-624-8580 or e-mail us at ecoterra.pharmacy@gmail.com and we will contact your current pharmacy and make all the transfer arrangements for you.

Also, if you or your physician needs any more information about any of the products we carry or the compounded preparations made, Myra is available for consultation.

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