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Welcome to Ecoterra Compounding Pharmacy

Ecoterra is an earth friendly, natural compouding pharmacy in Claremont, California. Our commitment is to provide you with organic, bio-identical hormone, holistic medicine, and environmentally sound household items. Eco comes from a Greek word meaning household. In Latin, terra means earth. Our name, Ecoterra, captures our philosophy of doing business in a way that supports wholeness in the body, sustains the local community and celebrates the beauty and abundance of the earth. 

Myra Sohn, R.Ph., is a registered pharmacist in California. At Ecoterra, she integrates her almost 30 years of professional experience in prescription medicine with an extensive knowledge of and passion for holistic medicine. She received her pharmacy degree in Korea with a subspecialization in Eastern and herbal medicine. Shortly after that, Myra came to the US with her family and obtained her California pharmacy license. It was while working as a pharmacist in Southern California that she experienced the limitations of conventional prescription medicine for both her clients and herself.

She concluded that personalized natural compounded medicine and intergrated holistic medicine, combined with her knowledge of traditional, homeophatic and herbal remedies, nutraceuticals and medical science could help the community by offering a complementary and healthy alternative to mainstream medicine. This approach is based on the needs of each individual. No two people have exactly the same dietary requirements or health problems; a single program is not suitable for everyone

At Ecoterra, Myra's mission is to use her integrated knowledge to care for customers in order to strengthen their vitality and holistic well-being. This approach can help build a long-lasting and healthy community.

Working towards this goal at Ecoterra and elsewhere, Myra and her husband, Dr. Sung Sohn, engaged with the community by conducting workshops on holistic living at the Myra House, an ecologically-based community and non-profit organization in Claremont. She also expanded her personal and professional horizons by studying pastoral care and counseling at the Claremont School of Theology

Holistic Integrative Medicine Consultation
Myra will help to craft a tailor-made plan using holistic medicine and design the best program for your unique circumstances. Come to Myra not only with your complete health history and problems, but also your positive and negative experiences and she will modify your program to better suit your particular needs.  With an open and honest relationship, we can work as a team to achieve the greatest possible benefits for you. Ask Myra, R.Ph.


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